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Credits and copyright

I've made up most of the MIDI files, excepted a very few of them which are mentionned with their author's contribution.
I'm happy to make my little music available, but it doesn't mean that I renounce to be the author: Copyright (C) Alain Naigeon, 1996 - 2007.
Every public site is bound to respect copyright rules, even when it has no commercial purpose. Therefore I'll carefully consider any comment or request about pictures or short quotes, though, hopefully, they will be understood as advertisements rather than unfair duplications.

Special thanks to MEDIEVAL.ORG who honour me by hosting a mirror site from now on!
(here it is)
Their site is a must for anybody interested in early music
(definitions, advices, discography, articles, and links!)

And here are four more sites specially dedicated to the Renaissance:
David Kettlewell's new renaissance
             L'édition musicale à la renaissance (in French)
Goldberg foundation

And don't forget to have fun browsing the site of the month!
current coeur favorite

Personal pages

Vincent Arlettaz (Musicologist & performer)
Michel Baron (Musique au Saguenay)
Grant A. Colburn (compositions in renaissance and baroque styles)
Laura Conrad's recorder page (recorder, serpent, travels... and linux)
Cynthia Cyrus (musicologist)
Roland Ferrandi (lute fan!)
Jean-François Lutz (guitar player)
Marc, his guitar (midi & scores for guitar and piano)
Matt Fields, composer (list of pieces with audio samples)
David Horne, composer (list of pieces with comments)
John W. Mc Coy (who created the "Jeux d'orgues" soundfont)
Church music
Giorgio Pacchioni (a neo-baroque master!)
Jean-Marie Poirier (guitar, lute, gamba, and a few scores!)
Jeffrey Quick, composer (pieces, renaissance brass)
Vic Sagerquist (woodwind, piano, orchestra, ...)
Michael Starke (renaissance and baroque)
Han van der Voort's (compositions for small ensembles)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Jean-Marc Goossens)
La musique classique (Richard Holding)
Piano passion (Bernard Labadie)
Early music played on guitar (Jon Sayles)

To be continued...  You might like to submit your site by sending its address enveloppe .

Courses and festivals

Early music academy in Dôle (east of France)
Compagnie du globe  (Summer course in the south of France)
Summer school of early music  (Czech Republic)
Festival de musique ancienne de Dieppe  (north of France)
Festival de musique improvisée de Lausanne
Festival de Labeaume  (south of France)
Masterclass in Namur (Belgium)
Course and festival of Urbino  (Italy)
A course in Belgium
Voix et route romane  (Alsace, east of France)

Cities or remarquable places

About Roma (tourism and culture)
Strasbourg city (Alsace, France)
Strasbourg planetarium
Urbino (Italy) (where the painter Raphael was born)
Evolene and Swiss Valais
Château de Versailles
Senanque abbaye (France)
Solesmes abbaye (France)
Photos of medieval sites
Virtual visit of the forum in Roma (Java)
Artistic center in Piegon (south of France)

Musique médiévale
Recorder haven

MIDI files (and much more)

Antiqua musica
Classical music directory
Classical midi
David Bellugi's midi files
David Rubenstein's philosophy of midi composition
Early music women composers
The Flemish musicians
The internet renaissance band
Midi renaissance pieces
Midi world
Pièces de musique ancienne
Renaissance music links
Sheet music
Spanish early music
Standard midi files on the net
Viole de gambe (MIDI et partitions)
Virtually baroque (beautiful organ audio files)

Mostly about recorder

The very famous Recorder home page (a sauceful of links!)
Courtly music unlimited
Flauti parlandi
La flûte à bec en France
Magazine of the Society of recorder players
Recorder fingerings and trill chart
Répertoire de flûte à bec (sorted by levels and instruments)
The recorder player's page

Documentary sites

Medieval org (with papers by Margo Schulter and Todd Michel MacComb)
Goldberg foundation
Musica ficta (paper and examples by Peter Urquhart)
The music index (Sheet music, composers, musical theory...)
Musicians of the sixteenth c. (Olga Bluteau; biographies, context, musical examples)
David Kettlewell's new renaissance (a wonderful introduction to this musical world)
The amateur academic's medieval education
Musical publishing in the renaissance (master degree by Valérie Otero - in French)
Grammaire de la musique
Virga (Chantez-vous Français ? + Zarlino + Robin & Marion - by Olivier Bettens)
Virginia tech music dictionary
La notation blanche mesurée (by a Swiss scholar)
Early music network (basics, links, exchange of instruments...)
Société française de musicologie
Society for music theory
Ateliers de création musicale
A whole writing course (Quebec + conterpoint + harmony + fugue = bravissimo!)
Musical composition (a practical guide, by Alan Belkin)
Principles of counterpoint (Alan Belkin)
Species counterpoint
Dolmetsch music dictionary

Specific topics

L'Astrée (the book by Honoré d'Urfé)
Amigos del canto gregoriano
Ave Maria songs
Bernard de Clairvaux
L'expression musicale de l'occident médiéval
Guide to requiem
In Nomine (definition and audio examples)
The musical reforms of Martin Luther
Music and liturgy
Music reconstruction issues (about "basse danse")
Renaissance dance
Renaissance show (at Amboise castle)
Die Kunst der Fugue
Aucassin et Nicolette (a wonderful site!)
Temperament: overview
Temperament: history
Temperaments (by David Kettelwell)
The tuning of classic music
Tuning & temperament bibliography
Virgamusica (transcriptions from the manuscripts MS11239 and MS228)


Discovering the organ
Another site about organ
Musical archeology (In Moissac, France)
Bruno Reinhard (recorder maker)
Philippe Bolton (recorder maker)
Adrian Brown (recorder maker)
Dolmetsch online
Great bass viol
Les épinettes des Vosges
Flute portal
Classical guitars and lutes
Historic brass society
Early instruments (Christian Brassy)
Early instruments (buying & selling)
The Web museum of music instruments (in French)
Medieval and renaissance instruments
Société française de viole
The early music shop
Unicorn music (recorder shop)
Joël Arpin (recorder maker)
Vincent Bernolin (recorder maker)
Jean-Luc Boudreau (recorder maker)
Marc Ecochard (oboe and recorder maker)
The von Huene workshop
Jeremy West & Christopher Monk (cornetts, lizards, serpents, etc)
Lutherie van Gool (lute maker)
Orpheon (museum of historical musical instruments)
Oud, an ancestor of the lute (Nikos Dimitriadis)
Jacqueline Sorel (recorder maker)

Sites dedicated to a composer or to a score book

Jacob van Eyck
Dave's J.S. Bach page
J.S. Bach midi files & biography
Johann Sebastian Bach, pipe organ
Bach's tuning
Lasso scores
Ludwig van Beethoven
Ludwig van Beethoven midi files
International Machaut society
Josquin Des Prez (various spellings of his name were in use!)
Josquin Des Prez : introduction à sa musique (listening to and analysing his Ockeghem's deploration and some other pieces)
Josquin: about the motet Illibata Dei Virgo nutrix (autobiographical evidence in order to find out its date)
Juan de Castro
Monteverdi madrigals (Coppini editions)
The Mozart project
Mulliner book midi files
Johannes Ockeghem home page
D.Scarlatti: all the sonatas!
Ludwig Sennfl
Michael Praetorius
Ricercares by Vincenzo Galilei
Tomás Luis de Victoria
Tomás Luis de Victoria (another site, with a lot of scores!)
The keyboard music of William Byrd

Performers and groups

Amsterdam Loeki stardust quartet
Andreas Scholl society
Antichi strumenti
Camerata Brivatensis
Cantus angelicus choral society
Capella de la Torre
Choeur du Marais
Choeurs Les pléïades
Christophe Carré, contratenor
Collegium verbascum
Compagnie du globe
Compagnie maître Guillaume (renaissance dance)
Le concert brisé (William Dongois)
Danserie Thibaud de Champagne (baroque & renaissance dance)
Diabolus in musica
Dialogos (medieval music)
Dionysus consort (renaissance recorders)
Dulcis melodia (early music ensemble)
Ensemble Doulce mémoire
Ensemble Philomela (recorders)
Ensemble vocal Arenaï
Ensemble Cantabile
Ensemble Cantor vocalis
Ensemble Le Collegium
Ensemble Dreiklang, Berlin
Ensemble Dulamans Vröudenton
Ensemble Enchiriadis
Ensemble In Nomine
Ensemble Musicque de joye (cornetto, saqueboute, chant...)
Ensemble Organum - Marcel Pérès
La Fenice - Jean Tubéry
Farallon recorder quartet
Flanders recorder quartet (fantastic recorder players!)
Gabrieli consort & players - Paul Mc Creesh
Ensemble La Reverdie
Il giardino armonico
Jacob Heringman, lutenist
L'atelier des musiques anciennes
Le premier jour de may
Les arts florissants
Les luths consort
Le Parlement de musique
La Réjouissance (Stefano Intrieri)
La Saltarelle (renaissance music & dance)
La symphonie du marais (Hugo Reyne)
Maurice Steger (recorder player)
PHOENIX ensemble, the Israel consort of viols (Dr Myrna Herzog)
The Sixteen (Vocal group)
Teatrum musicum (lute & song)
Un doulx regard (Renaissance flutes)
Vicki Boeckman (concertist)

In line catalogs

AR editions
Arpeges  (a store in Strasbourg, France)
Library of Coma conservatory
Bicinium  (a saucefull of duets!)
Carus Verlag
Celesti fiori  (won-der-ful scores !)
Choral public domain library
Classical net
Composers catalogs
Editions de l'Oiseau-lyre
Grego fac simile
King's music
Le Tourdion  (french association: publishers & performers)
Libreria musicale italiana
Maison Tasset  (scores, instruments...)
Malaspina's great books
Manuscripts catalogue  (British library)
The medieval academy of America
Mundial directory of free scores
Musique ancienne  (adresses of publishers, lists of CDs, news...)
On line books on music
On line scores
OMI facsimile editions
Orpheus music
Oriel library
PDR editions
Renaissance Masses  (1440-1520)
Ricercar  (musicological database)
Saul B. Groen
Saunders recorders music pages
Sympaphonie  (scores and courses; specialized in choral music)
Ut Orpheus edizioni
Werner Icking music archive

Search tools

Gallica (documents at French national library)
Musica, choral scores database
Music search
Theme finder
Thesaurus musicarum latinarum

Iconography & manuscripts

Chansonnier de Copenhague (outstanding!)
Bibliotheca palatina
Toulouse library
Bodleian library (western medieval manuscripts)
Digital image archive of medieval music
The Gothenburg fragments
Manuscripts at medecine faculty in Montpellier
Vatican manuscripts


Amia (early music concerts in Strasbourg)
Centre de musique baroque de Versailles
Les chemins du baroque (label K617)
Cité de la musique à Paris
Conservatoire cantonal de musique de Sion (Swiss Valais region)
Fondation Royaumont
Schola cantorum basiliensis
Société française de luth
The lute society
Italian foundation for early music


Early music journal
Musique, images, instruments
Revue musicale de Suisse romande
The recorder magazine

Technical informations

MIDI technical & programming docs
MIDI tempering utilities (allows choosing the temper !)
Spécifications du format MIDI (and more links about this subject)
Faq of the newsgroup
MIDI test pages

Sound fonts

Crisis soundfont
Free classical soundfonts
Hammer font library
Nando Florestan's page
Natural studio
Personal copy soundfonts

Score editors

Melody assistant
Links to other editors

Other software

ABC home page (a textual notation standard)
Cakewalk (sequencer)
Edirol software synthesis
Good Ear (online ear training)
Unequal tuning (you need a top level hardware)
Scala (creating temperaments)
File format conversion utilities

Sites are moving quite often... enveloppe about dead links, thank you!

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