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Ligatures : a few more examples


They are not included in the excerpt of exercises that I've got - for some of them, just because they're too simple! I make them available nevertheless, either because they are quite common, or because I find them interesting or beautiful.

B L bl  bl  bl B B B B bbbb  bbbb bbbb
L B lb B B B B L bbbbl
B B L bbl  bbl S S B B ssbb  ssbb  ssbb  ssbb  ssbb  ssbb  ssbb  ssbb
B B B bbb  bbb  bbb S S B B L ssbbl
L L ll L Mx lmx
L L L lll B Mx bmx  bmx  bmx  bmx  bmx
S S B ssb  ssb  ssb  ssb  ssb B B B Mx L bbbmxl
S S L ssl S S B Mx ssbmx  ssbmx  ssbmx  ssbmx
S S B L ssbl S S B B Mx ssbbmx
S S Mx ssmx L B B B B lbbbb
B B Mx bbmx B B B B B bbbbb
S S B B B ssbbb S S B B B B B ssbbbbb
S S B B B B ssbbbb

Last, here are a few ligatures containing an addition dot. The note involved is thus binary, and it's followed (nearly) immediately by the smaller complementary value:

sspt  sspt  
sspt I said nearly immediately... a small syncope!
sspt Lack of space... one has to find some trick!
lptbbb Heading dot is much less usual.
sptspt The final gem that I even didn't expect to come upon!