Ockeghem : Kyrie of the mass Ecce ancilla Domini


ock1   Perfect time: perfection dot after the first breve, which thus remains perfect. All the other dots are addition dots.

The last sign at the end of each line shows in advance the first note to come on the next line.
After the semibreve rest at the beginning of the line, the ligature is made of two semibreves.

The three dots are addition dots.
The breve is imperfected by the next rest.

The dot before the middle of the line is, once more, an addition dot.

ock2 The two semibreve rests hanging under the same staff line make up a perfection with the semibreve on their left side.
Notice the syncope at the end of the line (the breve).

ock3 The breve is imperfected by the first minim and the undotted part of the second one!
Thus, this sequence is quite similar to the one discussed in example 24.

A maxima as last note is not so usual (a long would be enough).

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