Fonts and programs to be downloaded for reading the scores under a PC
file (format) usage
get acrobat reader  (it's free) necessary to read any pdf file
(follow the instructions given by Adobe)
Remark: I've noticed, with several visitors, that version 5 of Acrobat reader doesn't correctly display the scores.
Thus one must use version 4 - till we know the reason of the problem, and its solution.
download anastasia font  (ttf)
to read pdf files created under Encore
(right click, save, then install the font)
get winzip (it's free)
uncompressing program
(follow the instructions given on the site)
download a few other fonts  (zip) to display the texts on my scores
(double click to uncompress with winzip,
then install the fonts)
buy Encore a score editor, amongst many other ones
(see my Links page)
get Encore démo to make one's mind about the soft
(follow the instructions given on the site)

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